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The Fall of New Chapter

With the recent fall of New Chapter to global giant Procter & Gamble, many in the natural products industry are wondering: “Is there any companies they won’t be buying??”. “They” is in reference to the many companies that have been steadily gobbling up all sorts of companies, from Honest Tea being purchased by Coca~Cola to Alacer (EmergenC) being purchased by Pfizer. 
Many pharmaceutical and multinational corporations already control much of medicine and daily life for many people. This is one of the direct reasons the natural products industry has become a booming billion dollar industry. People desire natural, safe, effective, and inexpensive remedies for many of their problems and the growth of the industry is thanks to their willingness to pay out-of-pocket for their herbs.

Somehow, the so-called ‘alternative’ healers have allowed themselves to be bullied and outlawed for more than one hundred years. The herbalists, the chiropractics, the refloxologists and massage therapists. The nutritionists, the people who want to heal with animals, music therapy and crystal therapy. These are all forms of healing and one should have the freedom to choose any kind of healing one sees fit.

This idea that there is only one kind of medicine is absolute foolishness. The idea that there is only one form of acceptable medicine is akin to thinking that there is only one acceptable religion, or one acceptable diet, or even one acceptable languange. Yes this close minded approach to medicine has only hurt the progress of humanity in the long run. The greed of man has manifested itself through the banks, the insurance companies, the big builders of hospitals and the big manufacturers of medical equipment. All of this has bore an industry that has produced some incredible technologies and wildly new forms of medicine that are potentially unpredictable and dangerous. Radium, for example, along with the entire cadre of radioactive medicine that has been put upon the public for the past century. It is a proven fact that radiation and chemotherapy have killed or hastened the deaths of those with terminal cancers or illnesses. It is a little known fact that George Washington died from excessive doses of Mercury from his “heroic” physicians at the time.

The end game, if you are not already aware of it, is the global takeover of all systems. We are effectively already in their desired system. It goes a bit like this:

1) Multinational Corporations manufacture products that are toxic, hazardous, cancer causing substances (this includes synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, plastics, fungicide, herbicide, pesticide, artificial fertilizers and hormones,  etc)

2) The products and/or the chemical by-products of the manufactured goods go into the air, the food, the water, and then into us through a variety of means. These chemicals are poison, there is no other way to slice it. These poisons damage our bodies and cellular DNA which creates various diseases and cancers.

3) These same companies then sell us the “medicine” to treat our illnesses or mitigate our symptoms. The problem with synthetic pharmaceuticals is that they rarely work without delivering an excessive imbalance in another part of the body, thus causing often fatal side-effects.

What does this lead us to?

The side-effects of herbs are scarce and often benign or mild in nature, yet they deliver incredibly powerful medicine. Herbs are most times better medicines that pharmaceuticals, due to their highly complex and synergistic nature. The pharmaceutical companies (who are now going into the supplement business) would have the public believe that it is better to use the isolated consistuents of herbs, rather than the entire herb itself. But this I’m afraid is simply an effort to enforce stronger regulations upon the herbal industry and ban those who attempt to make their own medicines from doing so. Keep in mind that regulation means exorbitant fees paid to the FDA in order to approve an herbally extracted constituent. High fees keep the game rigged now and allow only the largest of Multinationals to market drugs to the public.

What does this mean for the future? Are we doomed to a future of highly regulated herbal products where only a handful of companies control everything we put in our bodies? It seems that if we are not currently there, then we are certainly on the way. It is imperative that individuals with integrity begin to stand up and call out the heads of these companies. When you go high enough, it always goes back to the same small group of bankers, industry elites, corporate-government revolving door criminalia. And it is time to call them out. They know what they are doing and it is time that people stand up and say no, this is America and we have the right to liberties. And we must take back our liberty and we must take back our health.

“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

-Thomas Jefferson




Please listen to Mike Adams talk with David Wolfe about the fall of New Chapter and read the accompanying article that details the folks over at Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s most notorious corporate power houses.






What is the Herbal Revolution?

I actually took this photo myself, in front of the church my best friend got married in. On the island of Oahu. His grandfather used to be the kahu, or preacher at this church.

So much talk about revolution these days, why another one you ask? The herbal revolution has been an idea that has been kicking around my brain for maybe a year or so now. I have been contemplating this idea and refining it in my mind and finally I felt the need to put it into words. So what is the herbal revolution?

Now to understand the herbal revolution you have to have at least a basic understanding of where the author is coming from. I prefer not to get into politcal battles but I definitely consider myself a student of politics. Let’s just start with the very basic understanding and irrefutable fact that the Earth is everything to us. Not just us humans, but us as in the whole lot of creatures that exist because of this planet. So a lot of these writings will have environmental undertones, but don’t let that discourage you.

So premise 1, the planet is essential for everything. Therefore it stands to reason that we ought to preserve, conserve, restore and defend the planet at all costs. There are politicians (here we go) that have been trying to use the environmental movement to achieve their own goals which we can discuss later, but that doesn’t change the very simple fact that we need to take care of this place.

Premise 2 would have to be that we are not doing a great job of taking care of the Earth. I don’t think anyone can deny that. The state of our own health is a reflection of the poor job we are doing. But I am not going into a ‘global warming’ speech about how you  should stop driving your car. I drive a car. In fact, I just bought a brand new car. I think that as long as they keep building thousands of nuclear weapons around the world, that you and I ought to be able to drive. The waste from nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs and chemical companies is a little more of a problem than my 4-cylinder, wouldn’t you agree?

But that is not to say that the cars we drive and the computers we use in this information age of technology are not a contributing factor to pollution, and thereby a contributing factor to declining human health (see where I’m headed yet?). The plastic keys you and I type on every day surely contain a great number of harmful chemicals. Just like the batteries in our cell phones and so forth. Eventually these batteries will be useless and we’ll have to dump them in a land fill so they can eventually leak through the liner and contaminate the groundwater of a nearby town. And then they wonder why the cancer level is up.

So, my friends, the herbal revolution is the idea that we can solve ALL of our problems on this earth, with the simple application of nature and her infinite wonders. As hippie as an idea as that might sound, there is a great deal of encouraging research that demonstrates just that. Biomimicry, as they have come to call it, is the study of nature’s efficicent systems and how we can properly incorporate them into our civilization. But I am not simply talking about applying the inherent wisdom of nature into our human structures, I am also advocating for a return to nature. A physical and spiritual return to nature. An absolutely essential return to nature in my opinion. After all human beings are part of nature and to ignore that is just folly.

The herbal part of this herbal revolution is the widespread realization of the power of not just medicinal plants, but all plants. Many plants are multi-use; their benefits ranging from food and medicine to shelter, textiles, industry and so forth. Some of the more educated readers already know that one of the most multi-use plants is cannabis, and yet it is illegal nearly everywhere around the world. I will bring this issue up again for a closer look, but for the time being, suffice it to say that a key component of the herbal revolution and the salvation of our species is the legalization not just of marijuana, but of all plants. It is important to note, that plants are incredibly powerful beings (yes beings) and to treat them with disrespect is foolish. Just like us, they all have a purpose.

As I’m sure most of you know we are entering a very critical time in the history of our species. I believe that it is absolutely necessary to nourish the innate connection we have with the plants if we wish to grow and mature as a species. In this blog, I hope to address many of the issues mentioned as well as others that are related.

Last of all, please read and feel free to reach out and connect. That’s the point of all this isn’t it?