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Posted on February 17th, 2013 to Blog

The Rogue Herbalist is dedicated to human kind. The purpose of this manifesto is to convey to the reader that we as human beings are a part of nature and therefore we have an intrinsic right to the natural world. This of course does not mean that we may harm the natural world, but instead the concept that humankind and nature have an intrinsic connection and equilibrium that must be maintained. There shall be a certain level of respect that humanity must show the natural world. Herbs are not here to harm us, but to help us. There is an infinite treasure chest of medicines to be found in nature, and to a great extent humankind has already discovered and applied many of these natural medicines. But many humans have lost respect for nature, believing they can conquer and control nature. They wish to shift and manipulate the delicate equilibrium, resulting in the many harmful, synthetic chemicals that are indeed powerful, but also devastating to long term health. The medicinal, ritualistic use of herbs has been persecuted down through the ages, when in fact it should be cultivated in all cultures around the world. The plants are mankind’s greatest ally in his quest for knowledge, health and happiness. In our foolishness, we have given up our sacred right to plants and elevated the allopathic doctors to heroic heights. This has resulted in a dramatic loss in herbal freedom, as many different governments around the world have criminalized the possession or cultivation of simple herbs such as Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) or Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum). Truly, these two plants are amazing on a multitude of levels and somehow we have allowed governments and black markets to control the production and supply of these herbs that are so incredibly important in human life. There cannot be freedom if nature is illegal. There cannot be equality when a few have access and many others do not. It is time for all human beings to embrace their inner herbalist and recognize how each of us has a divine right to grow and use all the plants of the world.
The stated goals of The Rogue Herbalist are as follows:
1) Educate people about the necessity of herbalism and herbal freedom.
a) History of herbalism and allopathy, the persecution of herbalism, and the immorality of the “war on drugs”.
b) Share news regarding herbal discoveries and how they pertain to the future.
c) Why herbal freedom is essential for human freedom.
2) Assist individuals and communities as they embrace herbalism.
a) Promote community gardens, biodynamic farming, and various other organic techniques.
b) Reducing chemical exposure on every feasible level for optimal health and evolution.
c) Develop industries and promote technologies that are botanical in origin and create no harmful byproducts to deal with later.
3) Protect herbal freedom for all humanity.
a) Promote the free exchange of herbal materials around the world.
b) Ending the drug war.
c) Looking to the future: protecting botanicals from prohibition of any kind.
4) Protect the right to choose one’s own system of health care.
a) Vaccines – Are they necessary at all?
b) The true value of synthetic and emergency medicines.
c) Promote an ethical integration of contemporary scientific medicine and empiric human knowledge.
Through the application of these practices we shall progress to a new era of human enlightenment.

The relationship between man and plants is the most important dynamic that exists.
The relationship between man and plants is the most important dynamic that exists.

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