Skeptical of "Skip the Supplements"

Posted on November 25th, 2014 to Blog

*This is a republishing of a response I wrote in early 2013*

Recently the New York Times published an opinion piece by Paul Offitt and Sarah Erush that encourages readers to “Skip the Supplements”. This article should not come as a surprise to anyone following industry news, as their have been numerous attack pieces launched against the Natural Products Industry in recent months. Every month it seems, there is a new study that attempts to make vitamins, herbs, and supplements sound like a serious cause for concern. I am very skeptical of many of the comments made in this piece.
In fact the reality of the situation is that each of these studies that have come out have been critiqued and recognized by industry professionals as flawed. The truth of the matter is that the Natural Products Industry, specifically the Vitamin and Supplement Industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and will continue to do so because consumers know that the products work. Consumers buy high end vitamins, supplements and herbal products because they have experienced the benefits of these products first hand and are confident of the quality and efficacy. I know that these products work because I use them first hand, but even more so because I understand how they work. There is an overwhelming abundance of science demonstrating that nutritional supplementation is beneficial for health, this can no longer be disputed.
You do not have to worry about the quality of a higher-end product that you would find in a health food store. In fact, it is unlikely that your local health food store even carries any low quality vitamin or supplement, the kind of which can be found at Wal-Mart and almost assuredly was the sort of product used in these false and purposefully misleading studies.
Please take some time to review some of the literature I have gathered. The links below provide great detail into the recent studies that are being used to demonize the industry. Find attached two articles that explain the high level of standards that a company like Nutraceutical is dedicated to while testing and producing our many supplements. Be sure to ask all of your other vendors if their products also undergo such extensive and thorough testing before reaching the customer.

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