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Everyone loves CBD but have you tried Rogue Herbalist CBD products?

This is the perfect chance to try a sample platter of our best hemp products. The CBD Package contains:

Pure Hemp Tincture 2oz. – Our flagship product – a true Cannabis tincture – organic cane alcohol and VT grown CBD flower.
Whole Plant CBD Extract 3000mg 2oz. – High potency rotary evaporator oil in MCT base.
Canna Cordial Blueberry Maple 2oz. – A blend of Pure Hemp tincture, organic blueberry juice concentrate, local VT Maple Syrup, and RO Maple Water.
Canna Cordial Cherry Honey 2oz. – A blend of Pure Hemp tincture, organic cherry juice concentrate, local VT Honey, and RO Maple Water.
Super CBD Salve 2oz. – Lemongrass and Sage

This package is an incredible value and even more affordable if you use the holiday coupon code! Thank you for supporting a small business.

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