Horseradish, Wildcrafted, 1oz. bag

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Horseradish Roots, Wildcrafted, 1oz. bag
Armoracia rusticana

Horseradish, a member of the mustard family, is famous for its spicy and sharp flavor. It’s commonly used as a condiment and served with meat dishes, stews, and roasted vegetables. With roots dating back hundreds of years, horseradish has a rich history of being utilized in traditional European herbal practices. Our horseradish powder is made from Armoracia rusticana roots and can be added to herbal vinegars, sauces, honeys, and condiments.

Freshly grated horseradish is a potent source of mustard oil. The root itself has little to no scent, but when grated, the broken plant cells release enzymes that create its distinct aroma. It’s best to use grated horseradish immediately or preserve it in vinegar to retain its flavor. Over time, exposure to air or heat will reduce its pungency, darken its color, and make it bitter, though its beneficial properties will still remain in dried form.

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