Stinging Nettles 101 Workshop


Explore the World of Stinging Nettles with Us!
May 11th 9:30am – Noon

Ready for an exciting journey into the realm of Stinging Nettles? Come along with us for an immersive class that promises both adventure and learning! We’ll kick things off at the herb shop, then head to a local farm to gather fresh Stinging Nettle tops. Back at the shop, get ready to unlock the full potential of this incredible plant as we delve into its medicinal and culinary wonders.

During our time together, we’ll whip up some nourishing nettle tea, prepare batches for future use in the dehydrator, and create a delicious Fresh Nettle Puree—ideal for freezing and adding a nutritious boost to your favorite dishes or herbal remedies.

Don’t forget to bring your gloves and a trusty basket or bucket if you’re keen on taking some nettles home. And for those with a green thumb, we’ve got you covered! Bring your own bucket, and we’ll happily send you off with nettles to plant. Just a heads up—they’re known to thrive, so be prepared for a garden takeover!

For just $40 per person, you’ll have the chance to harvest as many nettles as you can carry and gain valuable insights into the fascinating world of this remarkable plant. Don’t miss out on this opportunity—reserve your spot today!

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