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So, I’ve been wanting to write something about CBD. I’ve actually known about it for years and truly I just see it as another herbal medicine, one of thousands. Yes, it is a very good one.  Below, I will try to lay out some basics for people who may have general questions, and other ideas for people who may want to learn more about our product.Pure Hemp Moss
Cannabidiol itself is just one of many cannabinoids, found in Hemp. People ask a lot of questions about Hemp vs. CBD, Hemp vs. Marijuana, etc. I think it’s easier to understand that they are all Cannabis. There’s a lot of Cannabis in the world folks. Many, many strains. Strains that have been grown for high potency THC, strains that grew as industrial fiber hemp that have low THC, high CBD, etc. Even strains that have survived wild in places where hemp used to be farmed. I’m not going to delve into much of the history of the plant, but if you want to understand this plant, the key thing to understand is the history behind it.

The product we make is a simple one, but high quality and reliable.

Here are some key points about the Vermont Grown Pure Hemp Extract ::

  • We make a proper tincture, meaning we use 95% organic cane alcohol. Many products on the market are described as tinctures, but in the true sense of the word, they are not.
  • We macerate our hemp at a 1:3 strength, this makes it very strong.
  • The strain we have been using is “Colorado Cherry” grown in Vermont (so I guess we can call it Vermont Cherry now?) It has a unique terpene profile (aromatic quality). We work with Creek Valley Cannabidiol to acquire the highest quality hemp available.
  • We do not heat (decarboxylate) anything in the extraction process. This means that we get a finished product with a higher level of CBDA, but still a good amount of CBD as well as the other trace cannabinoids. This makes it a True Full Spectrum product. Yes, there is a trace amount of THC. See the chart below.
  • Many companies use the term full spectrum or broad spectrum, or the new term “entourage effect”, which is essentially what herbalists have been saying forever. Whole plant medicine is generally more effective than isolate chemical medicines, but isolates do have value.
  • Our tincture is a “crude extract” and contains other medicinal compounds found in hemp, including terpenes, various flavonoids (cannflavin A & B), chlorophyll, and many more. This is why it is deep, dark green, not a clear oil.
  • Each 1mL dose contains 20mg CBDA, 15mg CBD, and 5mg various trace cannabinoids.

Results jpeg

  • It is my belief that one of the reasons we are getting such good customer feedback is because of our high content CBDA.
  • One of our customers is a professional trainer and coach. He reported to us that he had excellent post-workout recovery and improved HRV (heart rate variability) a day after a very strenuous workout by using our tincture. I believe this is due to high CBDA. He told me it was the best he has tried and I was so happy to hear it!HRV
  • We don’t recommend taking it directly by mouth because the taste is so strong, but instead we recommend you put it in some water, tea, juice, or other liquid of choice. My favorite is to put it in kombucha or fancy organic sodas and make delicious mocktails. Tart Cherry juice is also one of our favorite combinations with the Pure Hemp Extract.
  • In addition to the Vermont Pure Hemp Extract, we also make formulas that are Hemp extract and other herbs blended to make unique formulas that are more specific and targeted for reasons someone might use a hemp based product.
  • Other medicinal herbs we use in our formulas come from Foster Farm Botanicals in East Calais, VT. We also wildcraft many of our own mushrooms and herbs.
  • The water we use in our formulas is reverse osmosis maple tree water coming from Scribner Maple here in Duxbury, VT.  This is a true wildcrafted water, meaning that this water was flowing through the maple trees, purified by the forest. The RO separates the sugar water from the purified water. We do this because it’s a true living water, but also because Reverse Osmosis water is the standard of the British Pharmacopeia. More on this process later.

I know there are so many questions on CBD and Hemp, and I know this doesn’t even touch the surface, but I wanted to explain a little about our hemp extract. I hope this list of facts and information has been helpful. Keep in mind that Cannabis is just one of many thousands of plants and fungi that can help us to stay in good health and prosper.
Thank you all.

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