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Consultation and Custom Formulation

My wife and I are having our first baby so I am currently not taking any new clients until summer of 2024. I am happy to make recommendations if you are seeking another qualified practitioner. Please check back in the summer.

Our goal here is to have a conversation with you about your health and wellness. Together we can determine how to best integrate herbs, supplements, and nutritional approaches into your everyday life. Your participation is a critical part of the process. The more information we have about your situation, the better we will be able to design a protocol that fits your specific needs. From this information we can introduce you to some simple strategies for your healing journey.

Our Role

The herbalist’s primary role is as an educator and partner, encouraging and supporting your goals for improved health and well-being. Herbalists neither diagnose nor treat disease. Rather, we focus on educating you, the client, on how to best enhance your body’s innate healing capacity. Our intent is to help you achieve the highest state of health consistent with your own goals. Every person is physiologically, emotionally and energetically unique. We will consider your individual constitution and nature and recommend the most appropriate herbal, dietary and lifestyle changes specifically for you.

Our Process

Initial consultations will last approximately one hour and follow up consultations will last from a half hour to an hour. It is necessary to fill out the intake form ahead of time as best you can, so we will be prepared to have a productive conversation about your health and wellness goals.

Available appointment times can be scheduled Monday – Friday at 9AM. Other meeting times (evenings, weekends etc.) can be potentially accommodated by special arrangement. Please know that all information is confidential.

Except in emergency situations, we request that you give no less than 24 hours notice in the event that you need to cancel an appointment.  Cancellation with less than 24 hours will result in a $25 charge.

Appointment Fees + Intake Form

  • Initial consultation (1 hour) – $50.00/hr
  • Follow up consultation (up to 30 minutes) – $25.00
  • Follow up consultation (30 – 60 minutes) – $45.00

Payment, when applicable, is due at the time services are rendered. You may purchase herbs from Rogue Herbalist LLC, however you are not obligated to do so and may purchase your herbs wherever you wish.


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