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Food Sovereignty

Food sovereignty is an issue that I have been involved with for several years now.. It is strange how focused the liberty community is on Bitcoins, or even Silver or Gold, when in reality the most important commodity of all is food. If there is a disruption in global food production, or an economic crisis which reduces the dollar to nothing, there will be heavy chaos for an indefinite amount of time. The best solution in this situation is to be prepared with your own seed stock and the knowledge and ability to grow some of your own foods. In the future we will be offering organic, heirloom seeds for sale on the Agora page.

Think about it like this. If you were to specialize in growing 3 crops in particular, then you will be able to trade some of your harvest to your neighbor around the corner who has specialized in growing 3 other crops. Then multiply this effect exponentially outward throughout various communities. It would not take a tremendous amount of effort before the entire Arcadia region could be food sovereign and not have to rely so heavily on importation of goods.










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