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The 12th International Herb Symposium

This past weekend was one of the greatest of my life. June 11 – 14 was the 12th International Herb Symposium at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. The campus is beautifully adorned with a variety of wildlife. Not only was I privileged to be surrounded by such amazing, loving people, I was also honored by winning second place in ‘The Greatest Ever’ Herbal Product Contest.

IHS Herbal Product Award
Signed by Rosemary Gladstar herself.

Today, as the founder of Rogue Herbalist, I am proud to announce that my formula took second place in the category of “Purely Medicinal” at the International Herb Symposium. My silver medal product is simply called Wildcrafted 4 Mushroom Decoction in Rum, which you can find on the Agora page. The mushrooms in this formula were ethically wildcrafted in the forests of New Hampshire. The mushrooms in this tincture are Chaga, Birch polypore, Turkey Tail, and Chicken of the Woods, which were all decocted in deep well water and then tinctured with 40% sugarcane rum.

Many people are not yet aware of this blog or the goal of the Rogue Herbalist idea that I have been working on, but today I am honored and humbled by my four days of life changing experience at the 12th International Herbal Symposium. The vast knowledge of the teachers and the students who attended this symposium was absolutely astounding.

As I walked the beautiful campus of Wheaton College, I was enthralled that eight hundred something people would travel from all over the world to come together in the name of herbalism. The campus of Wheaton College is beautifully adorned with abundant wildlife, making it the perfect place for this event. I was home. I found myself wishing that colleges around the country were like this all year long, and indeed some schools are beginning to look like this.

Sitting in classes with brilliant herbalists like Guido Mase and David Hoffmann, I realized that we are apart of something greater than ourselves. We share a kinship with humans of the past, who sat around the colosseum discussing the very fabric of the universe. Today we have the technology of the 21st century to aid us in our quest, but we carry with us the respect of ancients past.

If you would like to learn more about this idea of Rogue Herbalism, please continue to visit my website http://www.rogueherbalist.com and feel free to like, comment, and share this page with your friends. I can now say that I am an award winning herbal product formulator and that is a title that I do not take lightly. I see this as a sign that I have a duty to continue expanding my herbal knowledge so that I may share it with others. To quote Jeff Carpenter of Zack Woods Herb Farm: “the herbal renaissance is over…it is time for the herbal revolution”.

Let’s get to work.

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