Barberry Root, Organic, 1oz. bag

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Barberry Root, Organic
Berberis vulgaris

Barberry is an invasive plant in some areas but that does not mean we shouldn’t appreciate it. As a source of the yellow alkaloid Berberine, this plant is the subject of much research. Berberine is being studied for a broad range of applications; as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, for its applications in blood sugar regulation and cardiovascular protection. Most people think of the at-risk plant Goldenseal when they think of Berberine, but we try to promote other plants that are not at the same level of risk. Also consider Oregon Grape Root or tincture, which is another berberine containing plant. That being said, we do offer Goldenseal Leaf, as well as Goldenseal Tincture and Goldenseal Capsules

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