Chaga Mushroom, Wildcrafted, 1oz.

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Chaga Mushroom
Inonotus obliquus

Our Chaga Mushroom is wildcrafted here in Vermont and helps provide powerful immune support. Decoct (simmer) 1 ounce of Chaga in a crock pot and drink daily for optimal effect. You can continually add fresh water to the crock and keep cooking until all of the goodness has been cooked out. Chaga is densely rich in polysaccharides, lanostanoid triterpenoids & other steroidals (betulin flanosterols, inotodiol), inositols (vitamin B), lactones, melanin, minerals. It dramatically improves immune activity, increases macrophage activity, has antitumor, anticancer, and nervine properties. It is delicious with maple syrup and vanilla or similar complementary flavors. Make your own Chaga tea today! Or we also offer convenient Chaga Capsules

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