Chinese White Ginseng Roots, Organic, 1oz. 

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Chinese White Ginseng Roots, Organic, 1oz.
Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is probably the best known adaptogenic herb in the world. The word Panax is derived from the word Panaceae, which essentially means “cure all”. While there are no perfect remedies, Ginseng is near perfect as it promotes the vitality of every bodily system. Ginseng can be made into teas or added to other adaptogenic tinctures. My approach is to reserve ginseng for times of need. Also consider drinking our Jiaogulan tea, as it has a similar energetic quality and chemistry profile.  Avoid using with other stimulant type herbs and drugs, as overstimulation may occur in susceptible persons.

Sold in 1oz. quantities. (1 ounce is roughly 2 roots but may be different than those that appear in the photo)
If you want multiple ounces, just add multiple quantities.

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