Ghost Pipe Tincture 0.5oz.

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Ghost Pipe Tincture 0.5oz.
Monotropa uniflora

Ghost Pipe is truly a “plant spirit medicine” if there ever was one. Also known as ‘Indian Pipe’ or the older name ‘Fit Root’ (as in epileptic fits), this plant has the unique ability of helping us step outside of our pain, whether that pain is physical, emotional, or spiritual. In the 1939 classic book Back to Eden, Jethro Kloss writes about Monotropa uniflora. He describes it as antispasmodic, nervine, tonic, sedative, and febrifuge. According to Kloss: “Is splendid in all kinds of fevers. Takes the place of quinine and opium. An excellent remedy for restlessness, fainting, nervous irritability, muscle spasm, and convulsions. Should be used in place of opium and quinine. It will cure intermittent and remittent fevers. Oh, why will not people use this wonderful remedy in place of poisonous drugs? It is efficient and harmless. A teaspoonful of fit root and fennel seed, steeped in a pint of boiling water for twenty minutes, is an excellent douche for inflammation of the vagina and uterus, also good used as a wash for sore eyes. A valuable remedy for epilepsy and lockjaw in children”. (pp. 128)

The modern term is “Antinociceptive” is derived from nociception; the perception of pain. It does not dull pain like a common analgesic, but rather it allows us to step outside of our pain and not be consumed by it. Contemporary herbalists tend to use it more for PTSD and trauma induced ailments.

The tincture that I make is small batch and only made once a year. I only harvest the aerial portions of the flowering plant and tincture them fresh at a 1:1 herb to menstruum ratio in a blend of organic cane alcohol and reverse osmosis maple tree water. Start with low dose on this plant, a few drops goes a long way. Take up to a dropperful at a time as needed.

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