Goji Berries, Organic, 1oz. bag

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Goji Berries, Organic, 1oz. bag
Lycium barbarum

Goji Berries (also referred to as Lycii Berries or Wolf Berries) are in the nightshade family and are generally regarded as a “superfood” in the western world. In Chinese Herbalism they are considered to be a Yin Tonic, cooling and nutritive, they bring nourishment and moisture into the body. The dried berries make an excellent tea and snack if you reconstitute them with hot water; eaten like this they will bring more moisture into the gastrointestinal system and can be helpful with constipation. The moisture helps increase vaginal secretions and can also support dry, cracking joints or an achy back (kidney). These little berries are full of carotenoids (Vitamin A) which is one reason they are extremely good for the eyes, as well as the heart, kidneys, and the liver. One nickname for this plant is “Matrimony Vine” because it is also considered to be good for the libido, and indeed modern research shows this to be the case.

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