Hemp Nervine 2oz.

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Hemp Nervine 2oz.
Hemp, California Poppy, Lemon Balm, Milky Oats, St. John’s Wort

This formula is part Hemp, part Nervine, 100% Vermont Grown Goodness! We blend Vermont Grown Pure Hemp Extract with Foster Farm Botanicals Vermont Grown organic herbs for a supplement unlike any other you have experienced. This formula is ideal for those with nerve pain, neuralgia, or someone looking for restful sleep.

As a broad-spectrum cannabinoid extract, in addition to cannabidiol (CBD) and more than 80 other cannabinoids in hemp, Rogue Herbalist products may contain a trace amount of the cannabinoid THC, less than .3%. Much like the consumption of poppy seeds may lead to a positive drug test for opioids, the consumption of certain hemp products may lead to a positive drug test for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is inherently present in trace amounts in hemp plants. The legal limit of THC in hemp is no more than 0.3%. It is important to understand that the underlying science behind the conversion of certain cannabinoids to other related cannabinoids when consumed is not yet fully understood. If you are a person who is subject to drug testing we strongly suggest consulting your health care provider before consuming any hemp products because individual biochemistry, the potential for the conversion of cannabinoids, and the possibility of trace, but legal, amounts of THC inherent in hemp products are all factors to consider.

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