Maitake Tincture 2oz.

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Maitake Tincture 2oz.
Grifola frondosa

Also known as “Hen of the Woods” this mushroom is known as Maitake by the Japanese who considered it so valuable that they used to trade it for its weight in silver. Indeed this mushroom is valuable, as it is a choice edible as well as a powerful medicinal. Contemporary research shows Maitake to have benefits for the blood sugar, cardiovascular system, and of course the immune system. We work with Tamias Wildcrafting in Williamstown, VT to bring you this dual extracted Maitake extract. Vermont harvested Maitake is carefully dried and then decocted in reverse osmosis maple water before tincturing with organic cane alcohol. We allow the extract to macerate for at least a month before pressing and bottling. The resulting extract is a delicious and potent wild medicinal. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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