Nigella Seed, Organic 1oz. bag

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Nigella Seed, Organic 1oz. bag
Nigella sativa

Nigella Seed, also known as Black Seed or Black Cumin, is a powerful source of the phytochemical thymoquinone. This herb is a carminative (helps dispel gas & bloating) as well as a strong supporter of a healthy immune system. It is warm and dry and a circulatory stimulant. Similar to Fennel and other carminative seeds, this herb is also a galactogogue (helps produce mother’s milk). It is often claimed that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) himself declared “Black seed oil to be the greatest medicine of them all. He also said, Black Cumin heals every disease except for death”. While we would never make such a claim, it is interesting that this herb has been revered for so many hundreds of years.

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