Solomon’s Seal Tincture 2oz.


Solomon’s Seal Tincture 2oz.
Polygonatum biflorumĀ 

This wildcrafted Solomon’s Seal Tincture is truly a remarkable remedy for the muscular and skeletal system. I have personally used it to heal my injured back and given it to many clients with success. According to Matthew Wood: “It is suited to a wide range of problems affecting the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It tightens or loosens tendons and attachments (depending on which is needed), strengthens and repairs joint damage, soothes…many kinds of arthritis in the joints, and works nicely with repetitive-injury problems such as tennis elbow, jogger’s knee, and carpal-tunnel syndrome”(The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism pp. 191).

Take 1 – 3 dropperful daily with a little water.

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