White Pine Bark, 1 oz bag

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White Pine Bark, 1 oz bag
Pinus strobus 

White pine, also known as cluster pine and maritime pine, is a species of pine native to the Mediterranean region, particularly the coastlines of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. While the timber is important in the forestry industry, the thick, reddish bark is harvested for its abundant collection of antioxidant compounds. In fact, white pine bark is available as an over-the-counter supplement blend marketed as Pycnogenol®. The naturopath and herbalist Dr. Aviva Romm writes about Pine Bark studies showing its effectiveness for reduction of pain from endometriosis. White Pine Bark is also a common ingredient in cough syrups and tea blends formulated for congestion. Try it in tea blends, with its slightly bitter but pleasant flavor. White Pine Bark is rich in vitamin C (just like it’s needles) and is also antiseptic, helping to support immune and respiratory function.

We also carry capsules of Pycnogenol® French Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

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